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How to send inquiry to the supplier?

So, you have chosen some products and decided to send an inquiry to a supplier.




1. Fill the form with your contact information. In corresponding fields please specify:

  1. Name
  2. Surname
  3. Company Name
  4. E-mail address of your company
  5. Contact phone
  6. Address
  7. Choose the country of your location


Remember, that each of these items is obligatory for filling. In case if you will leave one of fields empty, your inquiry will not be sent!


2. Find out the supplier’s of a condition of fulfillment of the transaction.
For this purpose click "Questions" button. In the opened window choose and note with a tick questions which you would like to precondition with the seller. At present you can choose from 10 general topics of the transaction:


1. Sample for testing.
• Do you sell sample copy for testing?
• Can we order the sample consignment?


2. The Price.
• The price for (specify quantity)?
• The price for MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)?
• CIF (cost, insurance, freight) for (specify quantity)?
• “FOB” price (free on board) for (specify quantity)?
• CIF (cost, insurance, freight) for MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)?
• “FOB” price (free on board) for MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)?
• EXW price (ex works) for (specify quantity)?
• EXW price (ex works) for MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)?


3. Consignment stock.
• What’s your company’s MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)?


4. Delivery.
• What’s your company delivery period?
• What’s your company means of delivery?
• The manufacturer (distributor) or an external agency is engaged in delivery?
• Does you company provide the full volume of an order or make it in several steps?


5. Methods of payment.
• Does you company need the prepayment?
• Does you company accept the payment in cash?
• Does you company accept the non-cash payment?
• Can I pay with the credit card? What cards can I use?
• Does you company accept the internet payment (web-money)?
• In what currency does your company usually make a bargain (USD, ERO, others)?


6. Discounts.
• What discounts does your company have?
• Does you company have the discount for specimen copy?


7. Additional information about the product.
• What type of package dose your company use?
• How many products are in your company’s package of goods?
• Date of consumption?
• Is it possible to manufacture the individual order?
• Is it possible to make the order for design development by the manufacturer and what are the conditions?
• Is it possible to mark the product while it is manufactured with customers symbols (a trade mark, other information, etc.) and what are the conditions?
• Is it possible to mark the product with symbols (trade mark, other information, etc.) after it was delivered for the customer and what are the conditions?
• Do I need the additional equipment (special requirements) for the goods I plan to order?


8. Dealers.
• Whether there is a dealer(s) of your company in (choose country)?


9. Foreign trade activities manager.
• Does you company have a Russian speaking manager(s) to talk to?
• In what language it is possible to negotiate with your company?


10. Certificates.
• Does you company have a national standard certificate(s) for this product(s)?
• What certificate(s) does you company have for this product(s)?


11. Specifications list:
• Hardware specifications list required.
• Software specifications list required.


Under each topic you will find the place for additional questions. You can write your own questions in Russian or English language.



3. When you have chosen all necessary questions and clicked “OK” button, you’ll return to the filled contact information and you are ready to “SEND INQUIRY”.


4. If you have correctly formalized inquiry, and it has been successfully accepted, you will see the following message: "Your message was successfully sent".



If you sent inquiry to the asian supplier and didn’t receive the answer within 2 days, you can connect with us by phone in Moscow +7(495) 124-65-31. Also we can answer your questions on-line by Skype: pyatak


ASIA.RU Managers will help you to contact with seller!


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