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To place production in ASIA.RU catalogue choose a bookmark with the name "Products" and click the button "Add product".



Now you can fill the form of your product.

1. Choose a category for your product presentation. Press "Category" button and choose root category from the list.



2. Specify full name of the product, its model (if any) and provide some product description. Your description has to be sort and  simple for understanding. Try to avoid specialized terms and not clear reductions. That will make your product's page more attractive for Russian buyers.



3. Upload JPEG or a GIF-file image of the product. Try to choose a good but not big photo. We recomend you to palce 400*400 pxl images.


4. After you have finished with "category", "name", "description" and "image" of your product - click on button "Add product" and continue with the rest of your catalogue.

To edit the information or photo of the goods, choose a category where you have placed your product and make necessery changes. Then press "Save product" button. This changes for will occur automatically. To remove the information about goods - use the button "Delete product" located under "Description (ru)".



If you face any difficulties, please contact ASIA.RU managers!

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